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Phase 1

In the first phase of Viva Jams we are building our online community to connect folks who love to celebrate life through vibrant art and jamming music and dance. We believe in the power of color, music and movement and love to share our passion with others. Let's leverage the power of community to discover new artists, both visual and musical. Find your peeps to jam with at the next festival. Learn to move your body in new ways to free not only your hips but also your mind 🤗

On the tech side, we expect that our community will include both enthusiasts and newbies, and we're excited to interact and learn from each other. We will develop partnerships with groups providing excellent education in NFTs, Web 3.0 and blockchain to help facilitate the transition to the future in this exciting space.

Phase 2

The sale of our first tokens will kick off Phase 2 and the planning for our inaugural party in Miami, FL Charter members will have a unique opportunity to help shape the future direction of the project. We can't wait for your input to help build a community that you love!

Phase 3

In Phase 3 we plan to continue creating both IRL (in real life) and digital experiences that foster and support the community dynamic and where we have a blast!

We also plan to expand the group by continuing to drop fantastic tokens that express the color and energy that jam with our vibe. Mediums including photography, digital art, music and video will all be considered. While we don't want to create a middle-man scenario for artists, we think some will be interested in gaining exposure through a limited release with our growing platform. Or maybe they just heard that we have the best parties 😉

As our community grows, we will be able to consider launching our own token, which can be a medium of exchange to support artists, DJs, dancers and more. It can also be used to determine future directions for the project as holders can vote on group proposals.

Thanks for stopping by 😊

💥 Let the jam begin! 💥